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International Seminar Maxim Franz – HQ senior instructor – thanks

International Seminar Maxim Franz - HQ senior instructor
International Seminar Maxim Franz – HQ senior instructor

Dear Friends

I wanted to thank all the participants and supporters of this event I believe was a success.

And always be a pleasure and highly instructive to see the Senior Instructor Maxim Franz taught us and sharing your knowledge . Besides all his humility to always remember that he is also a student , and that the master is Vladimir Vasiliev , that makes us reflect on our training and our work too. That we do within us.

Each of the students was dedicated entirely to the event , surrendering to learn and understand the maximum , the teachings generously spread there , and it would be impossible to mention them all but some appliances I can thank by name , for their support and work on this made possible this event.

First to Vladimir Vasiliev and his support to Systema Brazil , and Maxim Franz to come here to bring a bit of the ” air ” from Systema HQ in Toronto.

To Instructor Guilherme Stamato ( Gafa ) for their support to the event and also his work on the development of the Systema in Brazil.

Instructors in Training – Joao Furia , Claudio Novelli , Cayo Buosi ,  Rafael Lima and Rodrigo Araujo – by beginning to share in his path and work Systema disclosure.

The new batch of instructors in training that will soon be emerging around with the group leaders and students of the Preparatory Course for Instructors in Training : Carlos Pimenta , Carlos Mozart , Cesar Cavazzoli , Flavio Herrmann , Giuseppe Cataldo , Joao Goes and Eduardo Janiszewski.

My sons Heitor and Lucas Amoedo Santos for being part of the new generation of practitioners of Systema – ensuring the future of our art.

Practitioners who came from other states for this event : Joao and Augusto ( RS ) , Pedro and Leonard ( DF ) and Bruno ( RJ ).

The Companhia Athletica by Paulo Jaouiche partner and that met our needs promptly making this event the success it was.

The Opera Corpis / IKFF by disclosure and intermediary space.

Espaço Funcional Monica Pimenta partner in all our events.

Do Restaurante – Jardins.

Joao Carlos & Rita Volpini the wonderful stay in a heavenly place.

Veronica – Editing & Production of Videos.

Rodrigo Araujo – Narration videos and calls.

Rose Prado – Photography.

Mainly my wife Tatiana Wscieklica the unconditional support and all the work of organization and administration of the event.

I also thank all the people who helped us in any way , my thanks and also apologies to everyone that I have somehow displeased.

My sincere thanks to you guys and look forward to an even better event in 2014.



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